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IQOS for trial period

Did you know that you can try to switch and take an IQOS device
for 10 days before you decide to purchase?

Having doubts? Not sure yet?

Leave your decision to the end!

We've designed and tailored programs and options to be with you step by step during your journey with IQOS

Experience IQOS your way with our 10 days trial period program for only 15 ILS and you will have time
to discover its benefits compared to cigarettes.

Important information: These products are not risk-free and addictive.For adult use only (18+).

How does it work?

  • אתם תקבלו ליווי אישי ע"י מומחי IQOS
  • אנחנו ניצור איתכם קשר בתום התקופה
  • החזרת המכשיר מבית הלקוח ללא עלות
Leave your details
Get a new device
10 days
Make a decision!
Purchase or return
* Return with no additional charge
Pay the difference-
284 ILS
And the device is yours!

*Excludes packs or bundles of HEETS

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