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IQOS Products Catalog (22)

IQOS 2.4+ Navy and HEETS bundle

*One per user

IQOS 2.4+ White and HEETS bundle

*One per user

IQOS Kit White 450.00

IQOS Kit - Navy 450.00

Limited Edition of IQOS 2.4+ Holders 200.00

HEETS Amber Label 300.00

A rounded and rich tobacco blend.

HEETS Yellow Label 300.00

A finely balanced tobacco blend.

HEETS Turquoise Label 300.00

A refreshing menthol product with subtle zesty notes.

IQOS Holder - White 200.00

IQOS Holder - Navy 200.00

IQOS Caps 50.00

IQOS Pouches 100.00

IQOS Carry Case 140.00

IQOS Sleeve 50.00

IQOS Tray 140.00

IQOS Car Tray 100.00

IQOS Cleaner 15.00

IQOS Cleaning Sticks 14.00

IQOS Single Charging Dock 140.00

IQOS Dual Charging Dock 175.00

IQOS AC Power Adapter 25.00

IQOS USB Charging Cable 15.00

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