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What Are the Airport Smoking Lounge Rules?
IQOS Airport

What Are the Airport Smoking Lounge Rules?

The smoking lounge of an airport is a designated space that allows cigarette smoke or use of vapes or heated tobacco products. The rules around smoking lounges will vary by airport, and that’s because every airport is different in terms of regulations.

Whether you’re booking a flight to go on holiday, a work trip or something else entirely, it is useful to know the rules within each airport.

Some airports offer a space for people to smoke or use smoke-free alternatives. If you want to use the smoking lounge, or an external smoking area, try searching for one. You can check with the airport administration who will be able to help.

Where Can I Find an Airport Smoking Lounge?

The location of a smoking lounge, or smoking room, varies from airport to airport. International airports do not allow indoor smoking, and designated smoking areas can usually be found outside of the facilities. It is important to consider that you usually cannot smoke once you have passed security control.

Smoking lounges are becoming increasingly rare as airports adopt no smoking policies. However, some airports do offer smoke-free lounges for those who choose to use heated tobacco products or vapes.

If the airport does not include a smoking lounge, you can try looking for an alternative outside area – such as a patio – or ask the airport staff, who will be able to help you. Never light up a cigarette or use a smoke-free alternative in an area where it is not permitted. Airports have strict policies for a reason, so only use the products in a space where they are permitted. Lounges permitting the use of smoke-free alternatives are available in a handful of airports around the world.

Can I Vape in an Airport Smoking Lounge?

As with rules about the use of cigarettes, those for smoke-free alternatives vary between airports. Usage of vapes and other smoke-free alternatives is always prohibited by airports unless there is an airport smoking lounge. You cannot vape on a plane – the same is true for heated tobacco. Most airlines require from passengers to keep the tobacco heating or vaping device in the carry-on / hand-luggage, from boarding onwards – and throughout the duration of your journey. Avoid packing it into your general luggage or suitcase as this is often prohibited. We recommend you to check the packing guidelines with the airline.

Same rules go for tobacco heating systems. These systems will heat the tobacco, instead of burning it. 

The IQOS heated tobacco range is available online iqos.com.

IQOS is not risk-free and provides nicotine, which is addictive.

Our very own IQOS lounges, found in some airports around the world, have been designed with IQOS users in mind. They offer comfort for adult users looking for a place to enjoy IQOS. Our lounges permit the use of IQOS products and are a suitable place to enjoy tobacco before a flight.

Ben Gurion Airport has joined the world's leading airports as a non-smoking airport, hence also vaping and use of heated tobacco products are prohibited. Terminal 3 and Terminal 1 are non-smoking terminals. For the comfort of passengers, designated smoking positions are placed in front of the terminal.