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What are HEETS?
What are HEETS?

What are HEETS?

HEETS tobacco sticks offer a new way to experience tobacco and open a whole world of other flavors and aromas. A variety of classic tobacco blends, new and fresh options for menthol tobacco lovers and a new selection of surprising aromatic flavors. Whatever flavor you choose - IQOS and HEETS guarantee you a tobacco experience Rich, unique and satisfying.

We are constantly working to improve your user experience with IQOS. We recently made a change in the composition of HEETS tobacco units to upgrade the overall experience of using IQOS. 

Q: The aluminum wrap is no longer present in the HEETS stick, what have you replaced it with?

We have recently done several improvements on the HEETS sticks to give you a better overall experience. Firstly, we have changed the tobacco protective wrap which is using a single layer of paper instead of multiple layers of paper and aluminum, to hold the tobacco part of the stick. To join all the parts of the HEETS stick we have an outer paper wrap which has remain unchanged.  


We have also adjusted the density of the tobacco, and with more space between each layer of tobacco your HEETS sticks are now easier to insert, and air flows freely through stick so you get a more consistent experience from the first draw to the last one. These improvements did not change the tobacco taste and the nicotine level.



  Q: Was there anything wrong with the aluminum being present in the stick? 


A: Not at all, we are always innovating and ensuring we use the latest technologies and materials in our HEETS constructions. 



  Q: Does this change impact the overall experience & taste?


A: No, this has no impact on your overall HEETS taste experience, as we have not modified the tobacco blend.

          Q: What is the purpose of the protective wrap around the tobacco? 


A: The wrapping holds the tobacco part together in one place. It also helps to heat tobacco, not burn it. This contributes to HEETS being used as they were intended to be, and getting the right taste, and the right experience, every time.

Q: What are the stains on the HEETS stick after I use them?


A: Because of the relative level of heat and humidity needed to deliver the true tobacco taste you're used to, some of the tobacco spots that transfer to the internal face of the wrapping is now more visible due to the single layer of paper that has replaced the multiple layers of paper and aluminum.



Take longer and deeper puffs in order to prolong the duration and increase the satisfaction from using. 
The blade inside the IQOS needs some time to heat the tobacco to the optimum temperature. Therefore, taking longer breaks between puffs will help provide a consistent taste experience from the tobacco heating units. 
When using IQOS, the tobacco undergoes a process of heating instead of burning and as a result, the taste and smell you will feel will be different from those you are used to in cigarettes.