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FDA authorized IQOS for sale in the U.S

FDA authorized IQOS for sale in the U.S

Recently, FDA authorized IQOS for sale in the U.S. as “appropriate for the protection of public health.”

Following recent reports of respiratory illnesses including some resulting in deaths linked to the use of vaping products, we would like provide you supporting and clarify the following:

-      According to the US health authorities, it is likely that the cases reported are linked to evaporating cannabis oils by vapor products.

-      The US authority's investigation is focusing only on e-liquid vaping products.

-      IQOS, the company's flagship product, is not being investigated. In addition, the product heats tobacco, not liquid. 

-      As you know, the US FDA gave a marketing authorization to sell IQOS in the US market with a statement that "the product is appropriate for the protection of public health." The marketing of the product in the American market will begin in the near future.

According to recent publications, hundreds of cases of young people have been reported hospitalized with abnormal lung disease, and the number of deaths has risen to six this week.

-      The US health authorities are currently investigating the cases that were reported as caused by vaping and cannot make conclusions until their investigation has been completed. 

-      They indicate so far that it is likely that the cases reported are linked to the unregulated use of some cannabinoid substance and Vitamin E acetate. 

-      While the investigation is in progress, they recommend consumers:
Avoid buying e-cigarettes on the street; and Avoid using e-liquids containing THC or modifying/adding any substances to products purchased in stores.

Following the reports, the Minister of Health in Israel publish a warning to alert the public that: Using a "vaporizer" (evaporator) to consume cannabis oils can cause death"

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