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Could IQOS Remove the Smell of Burnt Tobacco from Your Life?

If you smoke cigarettes, you know how unpleasant can be the stale smoke smell. But did you know that the main reason for the existing of smell is to do with burning?

Why Does Burning Smell Bad?

In general, materials that burn are likely to produce less-than-pleasant smells and create smoke.

For example, when food is burned. In dry food there’s no fat to trap the smoke particles. These particles can therefore spread with the burnt smell getting trapped in curtain and furniture.

Bonfires, burnet rubber or painted materials that has been burnet smells even worse.

What About Cigarette Smells?

A cigarette burns tobacco at high temperatures of up to 900°C. This creates what’s called a ‘smoke aerosol’ which contains carbon-based solid particles and high levels of harmful chemicals.

But, unlike cigarettes, IQOS uses Heat Not Burn  technology: IQOS heats tobacco  at around 350°C and generates an aerosol instead of smoke.

We know, through our extensive research, that many of the chemical reactions that take place when lighting up a cigarette (combustion) don’t occur.

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